Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yarn Along

Joining Ginnie at Small Things

Knitting a garter stitch square for a blanket I started 3 years ago when I was learning to knit.  I am determined to finish it this winter.  Just 13 squares to go.  One a day and I should have it finished in two weeks.  In terms of reading, I am enjoying The Burry Man's Day, the second Dandy Gilver murder mystery story.  I picked it, and the first Dandy Gilver, up at last week's Lifeline Bookfair.


  1. Hi PH! Your knitting looks great! You're smart to set a goal of one square per day. Oh, I like thinking about that delicious book fair!

  2. I just picked up some knitting books from the library last night! Learning to knit is my newest craft/homemaking skill desire. I must say, learning from books is HARD! Much, much "un-knitting" if you will! I am going to hit up my MIL for a live, 3D tutorial.

    Good luck as you finish your blanket. I am sure it will be immensely satisfying (and comfy!) to use when you are all done!