Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Makings

We had a lovely four days off here.  I didn't do the Easter Shop until Maunday Thursday this time - with Ginger I shopped early and then spent Easter in hospital with all the fixings going to waste in the fridge at home:)  I have learnt my lesson.

Good Friday we had church and homemade hot cross buns.  I used my favourite recipe, and adapted it for the breadmaker so the dough could be made while we were at church.

 Sunday we had Ginger's egg hunt (the mean Easter Bunny left her only a smattering of chocolate eggs, but did make up for it with some homemade bunny beanbags and a book).  The beanbags were actually the hit of the day - I got the idea here.  Actually, Ginger didn't know what to do with the eggs when she did find them.  She made use of them in her little kitchen until we had Mr Provincial's brother over for lunch and he unwrapped one for her. Then, Mummy made a very smart move to hide two-thirds of her haul away in the fridge for later!  

Lunch was roast chook and simnel cake.  I have to contact my Mum's friend for her simnel cake recipe as this one turned out really dry.  Good news though that Ginger apparently likes marzipan.  I had to zealously defend the 11 apostles (Judas of course not appearing) from being eaten while I put the cake together.

All in all, a lovely weekend. Hope you had an enjoyable one too.


  1. What a lovely weekend for Ginger...i absolutely adore her don't see a lot of smocking now....i love it but would have no hope of doing it myself! Your hot cross buns definately look better than ours lol!!
    Hopefully you are taking it a little easier now...hope all is ok!

  2. Oh little Ginger girl is so cute! Her hair is so pretty.
    I'm thinking of you, little mama. Soon you'll be a VERY busy (and happy!) bee!