Monday, April 16, 2012

Homemade Takeaway

Upfront apologies to any vegetarians out there.  You may not wish to read any further.  Mr Provincial and I were musing the other week about how we miss having the occasional takeaway.  It is not really since we left Sydney (three moves ago) that we have had takeaway on a semi-regular basis.  There, we were lucky to live near a really good pizza shop (mmm, greek lamb pizza), a mexican restaurant, indian takeaway and nice fish and chips shop.  Nowhere else have we found a pizza shop with a 'gourmet' pizza worth its $15-20 pricetag; we make our own now.

Anyway, in another pregnancy fog moment the other week I bought the wrong kind of mince (a half price markdown where I got carried away, and brought home four packets).  Generally, I buy the leanest of the minces - Heartsmart at Woolworths - but this time I bought premium which seems to be quite a bit fattier.  I used two packets up in bolognaise (four containers stowed in the freezer for post baby) and homemade taco mix.  But, I was a little distressed at seeing the fat rise to the surface once they were in the freezer, so I concluded the other packets should be used in something where the excess fat would cook off.  Homemade burgers seemed the order of the day, because we could cook them on the BBQ and the fat would drain.

So, homemade patties were made.  I just blitzed a couple of old bread crusts in the food processer with an onion.  Tipped that and an egg into my mince, mixed together and formed patties.

Yes, we have a lot of cooked patties in the freezer now!
Bread rolls were prepped in the breadmaker and finished in the oven.

Mr Provincial's homegrown and personally preserved beetroot was opened.  I still can't believe he took it upon himself to preserve them the night before we packed the house in Toowoomba!  It is very Australian to have beetroot on your burger.

I was planning to make oven fries but Mr Provincial requested smashed potatoes.  If you haven't tried The Pioneer Woman's recipe yet - you should.  Mr Provincial, who doesn't particularly like potatoes, loves this and has been requesting them about once a week.

Served with tomato, cheese, relish and lettuce we call this the miniature Provincial burger:) 


  1. Mmmmmmm! You're such a good cook! Those little burgers look delicious!

  2. You definitely don't need takeaway when you make burgers like that, yummo. x

  3. Yum! My other half hates beetroot on his burger...downright un Australian..but at least i get his share!! I lvoe homemade burgers and you's look so nice i think i shall have to make some tonight now!Going to have to check out that smashed pototoes recipe now too!!

  4. Love the recipes! And what a surprise to see your Lemon Tree dinner plate... I have the entire Lemon Tree service in my cupboard. I love it.