Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Nappy Chronicles

We bought a bunch of newborn cloth nappies at the end of last week.  Snappies (based here in Darwin) came highly recommended to me from some mums at our steiner group and while they are very reasonably priced normally ($10, as opposed to the $30 a nappy we paid for Baby Beehinds), they have been having a sale.

With Ginger we used traditional terry toweling nappies until she was about 5 months old and big enough to fit into our supposedly one-size-fits-all Baby Beehinds.  The photo below shows why I will not be subjecting another newborn to this.  Additionally, modern cloth nappies are so much less work.  Lifting buckets of soaking nappies because your husband goes out field two weeks post c/section is not a good idea if you want to heal rapidly.  Just a heads up.  Lastly, we have rarely had a modern cloth leak.  Not so, with the traditional nappies.  

Perhaps it was our folding technique - though it was one suggested for newborns upwards but poor Ginger was swamped by her nappies.

These new cloth nappies are the sweetest and tiniest things you ever saw.  I tried one on my old baby doll (now adopted by Ginger) and it fit perfectly on its smallest setting.  Excuse the photo though, I had to do it before Ginger got up at the risk of her absconding with the nappies for her dolls.

Also excuse the doll's look - she was my childhood baby doll and is a little worse for wear.

Lots of bright baby heralding bunting on the line.  Tomorrow I am 39 weeks and my Mum arrives to look after Ginger so baby boy I give you carte blanche to arrive anytime you want to:) 

Ginger got a couple of gender neutral cuties as well - I love the owl print.


  1. I love seeing baby clothing hanging on the line, so tiny and very cute. You must be getting excited with only one week to go:) xx

  2. oh great news you got these snappy style nappies on sale....i did the original cloth nappies with my two kids...but i had big babies (10pound followed up by a 8.5 pound) so a cloth nappy fit snuggly....but yes we too still had a few leaks. once i found these types of cloth nappies it was too late for the investment!!! i love that they come in so many colours!!!

  3. Hey, I headed on over here from Down to Earth, and I'm so glad I did! We're posted to Canberra at the moment, but it's lovely to read back over your Darwin posts and reminisce.

    I can't stop Peanut stealing Bug's nappies for her dolls. She only wants the disposable ones I keep for overnights, though, so I just count it as a storage solution and know, if I run out, I have about ten in the toy box ;) Thank god she doesn't take the cloth ones!

  4. Love that first shot of Ginger, gosh they grow quickly! Know what you mean about the one size fits all, i wasn't game to try them so we used flannelette in a double folded triangle for the girls for the first few months!The terry flats were just too big!For some reason ruby manages to leak through the MCN's a lot more than terry wwith the good PUL covers...don't know how the kid can pee seemingly sideways out the nappy but she does!
    Hope you are getting some rest for the big event ahead!

  5. I love your blog. We have a son in the army so I relate to your adventures. He is off on a deployment. Well? We aren't for sure. That he can't share with us. Just somewheres overseas. This is his fourth deployment. Each 1year long. Anyways ginger is a sweetie pie. I will keep you in my prayers as you give birth to you baby.

  6. Your line looks like mine right at this minute. We use a combination of (2nd hand) baby beehinds all-in-ones and bamboo fitted ones. As well as some terry cloth squares and prefolds I made myself. My favourites though are the fitted nappies and wool covers from Sustainable Hemp Products ( a little pricier though). Exciting times for you!