Monday, April 2, 2012

Post Birthday Recovery

We are in post birthday recovery mode here today.  Ginger turned two this weekend and despite us keeping things low key - well as low key as you can when I insist on putting up bunting, decorations and helium balloons:) - I am having a day of rest.  

Hope to post more tomorrow, but then again have a midwifery appointment smack in the middle of Ginger's naptime so unlikely I will get her down for a nap and, ergo, probably no computer time for moi.

Cake was the sticky date pudding from Annabel Langbein's The Free Range Cook. Mr Provincial baked.  Isn't Ginger lucky to have a Daddy who likes to be in the kitchen:)


  1. I lvoe Ginger's birthday crown!!!She looks so grown up for you shed a tear must be absolutely exhausted now though! Enjoy some rest!

  2. Oh, happy birthday to sweet little Ginger! Yes! She is blessed to have a baking daddy. How nice!
    Her crown is lovely!
    Rest, little mama. I hope your appointment goes well and that nap time can occur.

  3. hi there... :-) i just followed you from kylies blog :-)...that cake looks sooo nice, its awesome to see daddys baking. Happy birthday to your sweet Ginger girl, my daughter Clover turns two in June *sigh*..two years really does fly doesn't it?

  4. Happy 2nd birthday Ginger. What a lucky girls to have such a clever Dad who loves to bake in the kitchen. She looks like she is growing up, very sweet is that age:) I hope you are keeping well.

  5. Happy birthday & happy Easter!!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful comment on my blog!! I went to an exclusive private school too with brilliant results (i got TER over 95 but was considered 'above average') & did 2 degrees, yet, i'm happiest as a housewife & mummy of 4. You were so spot on about people doing particular courses then changing at Uni, to something happier. My eldest brother did nuclear physics & after the degree, switched to becoming a chef, where he's excelled!! Thank you, love Posie

  6. Looks like Ginger had a perfect birthday. Love the homemade gifts from Mom and Dad!