Saturday, October 20, 2007

Good Pickings at the Village

We had our Village Fair today. Lots of good hunting in the Trash and Treasure stall! I picked up quite a number of potentially good reads and for a total price of $8. Here is my haul proudly displayed on my piano stool.
The Death of Faith – by Donna Leon: I have heard Elaine saying good things about Donna Leon’s writing over on her blog (?) so I snatched it up when I saw her name.
Hard Times by Charles Dickens – Given how much I enjoy Monica Dickens’ writing I feel I should give her antecedent Charles more of an audience.
Clair de Lune by Pierre la Mure – this is a novel about Claude Debussy. Could be interesting?
Doctor at Large and Doctor at Sea by Richard Gordon - these would be those two black books that you can’t read the titles on! These are meant to be humorous; and were recommended by my Mother who visiting from Perth.
White Gardenia by Belinda Alexandra – I must admit I picked this one up purely because I had heard reference to it before. According to the blurb, it is set in Shanghai and Russia during the 1960s.
Round Ireland in Low Gear by Eric Newby – I read Slowly Down the Ganges back in January and enjoyed it. I think he has the art of the travel narrative down-pat. The perfect balance between his experiences and the history and culture of the places he visits.
Hester’s Story by Adele Geras – my Mum bought this for me. She noticed it was about a ballerina and since I do ballet thought I would enjoy it.
James Herriot’s Yorkshire – when I was about thirteen I loved the All Things Bright and Beautiful series and so I couldn’t resist picking this up.
50 Easy Party Cakes by Debbie Brown – ok, so I don’t have kids and am not likely to have them for a while, but now I am prepared!
Stephanie’s Australia by Stephanie Alexander – Stephanie is an icon of the Australia cooking scene. She published The Cook’s Companion, a 1000 page monolith (the reprint of which is on my cookbook shelf), in the late 1980s and is widely respected in the food industry. I look forward to learning more about her perspective on the food regions of Australia.


  1. Clair de Lune by Pierre la Mure, the fictionalised of Debussy, I read many moons ago when I was a teenager and loved it. He has done quite a few fictionalised life stories I believe, including one of Balzac, if I remember rightly and also Moulin Rouge all about Tolouse Lautrec. I do hope you like the Donna Leon books, I fell for them in a big way as you have obviously seen from my blog and Hester's Story by Adele Geras is another lovely read. The James Herriot books are also wonderful and evocative and the two Richard Gordon books are great fun. You certainly hit treasure on this stall!

  2. Mm, the cover mentions something about the Moulin Rouge story.