Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Flip-flop Cuteness

I love Etsy. Everytime I look on there I find something cute.

This is my latest find.....flip-flop decorations. They arrived in the post today. I was so excited to go to the post office and pick up my package.

Just perfect for my upcoming trip to Malaysia and Singapore....

Such a yummy idea.....they come from Mae and Me. Of course, mine have an S on them. But I couldn't be bothered taking another photo.


  1. I saw your post on Kappa Prep's blog -isn't it a travesty that wwe can't get Lily and J Crew, and RL is so damn expensive and the lines are so limited? Boo hoo for us! :)

  2. hi there pink lady ~ thanks for stopping by the lylah blog and i'm looking forward to seeing your simple home planner...i've got more coming today....

    blessings to you....lylah

  3. How adorable! I am glad that you can have Esty products shipped to you at least! Have you looked into have any of the Lilly signature stores ship? I am guessing some might be willing. Melly, where I used to work has exception customer service and amazing sales. If you drop Mary and Caryn a line they might be willing to try and work something out with you!