Monday, February 7, 2011

Making and Doing

We had a lovely weekend just being.  We made a conscious decision not to go out and run errands, so with the exception of a trip to the markets for fresh produce and church we didn't leave the house.  It just felt right.

Fresh, local produce - the pumkin (or part thereof) was transformed into soup.
Sometimes, I think, we just need to take it down a notch.

Just some of our passionfruit haul.
We worked on some projects around the house and I got some cooking and baking in - pumpkin soup, pizza, granola and yoghurt.  DH made passionfruit butter with some of the passionfruits we collected off wild vines that grow around here.  We still can't believe nobody else shows any interest in them - such a waste.  You should have seen the looks we got from the cars going past as we gleaned the fruit.  Well, I should say DH braved the brambles to get at the fruit, Ginger and I just provided support and eagle eyes from the side of the road.

She's watching her daddy show her how to hold the apple and take a bite.
We shared meals together.  Ginger discovered the thrill of biting into a whole apple.

And, I finally made a start on Ginger's birthday presents - the realisation dawning that there is less than 2 months until her birthday and I have lots to do since we want to make most of it handmade.  At least I can say now the doll's quilt is started.

And now, I sit here at 8:30 on Monday night with my re-heated pumpkin soup and homemade bread and feel contented as I look back at the weekend.  DH is out field this week, so it is just Ginger and I here.  I intend to get lots of sewing done in DH's absence - busy hands and all that.  I always find the first exercise of the year the hardest; over the christmas break I get used to DH being around and then the end of January comes and the absences ramp up again. 


  1. Hello I have no idea what passion fruit is. I am going to look it up. We have the same thing with wild grapes here in Ontario, they were every where this year and we picked them and I made 19 jars of the sweetest grape jelly I have had in a long time. Funny how some people see jam and others don't see anything.
    Enjoy your time with Ginger I hope you get your projects done. B

  2. Passionfruit butter and pumpkin soup both sound heavenly!

  3. I've never had passion fruit, but it certainly looks like you picked enough of it! Wild produce free for the taking is such a treat. Our town growing up was full of mulberry trees. The local kids used to go tree to tree with a large tarp - one of us would shake the tree and the rest would catch the falling berries on the tarp, enough to fill a big five gallon bucket. Quite a tasty harvest, though I'm not sure our mothers appreciated the purple stains all over our clothes.