Friday, February 11, 2011

On My Mind: Homemade birthday

Joining in with Rhonda's 'on my mind' blog link-up today.

Making Ginger's homemade birthday presents is on my mind today; we a trying to ensure most of what she will receive from us is homemade.  I want the day to be special, to say "we are so glad you came to join us".  Less than two months to go - I can't believe she is has been with us for ten and half months!

With DH out field this week I have made quite a lot of progress.....most of the bunting is cut out (if not sewn), her doll's quilt is made and so is a steiner baby doll (following instructions from this book).  I have tried to use stash materials as much as possible, but had to buy fabric for her bunting - fortunately Lincraft is having a 50% off fabric sale.  The wool stuffing for the doll I was given by the owner of our local sheepskin product shop.  He gave me offcuts from his chair covers - so kind and I had just enough to fill the doll.

Still in the works are a birthday crown, some hanging decorations, the sheets and pillowcase for her (yet to be) restored $9 thrifted doll's cot - her Daddy is in charge of the cot itself and a Daddy-made play kitchen.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday is in the works. SO much love in every gift!

  2. Sounds beautiful, and the doll is *adorable*

  3. What a cute doll - looks like the perfect huggable style for a baby too.

  4. You have done a beautiful job, my dear. I love the Steiner toys. What a beautiful display of love for your child to make it all. Hugs.

  5. I just made my first little bear and now I can really appreciate this sorts of crafts. My little one is very simple. I will have to come back and see what you are doing!