Monday, February 21, 2011

Thrifting Loot

DH and I had the best morning thrifting on Saturday.  DH is very indulgent and comes along with me on these creative excursions to look after Ginger while I browse.  I don't think thrifting is actually his thing!  Me, I enjoy the thrill of the chase.

First stop was our church garage sale, then the Salvation Army and Lifeline thrift shops.

At the church garage sale - where lots of local people had stalls - we bought Ginger a beautiful dolls bed.  We had actually already thrifted one previously ($9), but this one ($15) was just so much nicer, being less clunky, and from DH's point of view didn't require hours of paint stripping and revarnishing in order to be ready for her birthday.  We know this one's origin, a local craftsman makes them and they sell new for $50.

We also bought some books.

I had already started reading Something More - the Lonely Planet is DH's.

Not much luck at the Salvation army, I just picked up a educational toy for Ginger.  Different coloured spools for threading ($4).  No picture because it is in her cupboard and she is asleep.

At Lifeline I found some beautiful prints by Cecily Mary Barker (more famous for her faries) and, though they were a bit a pricey because they were being sold as a set of three, I couldn't resist.  As it was, the volunteers dropped the price for me and included my pyrex finds in the price.  DH has hung them for me in the spare room.

So satisfactory.  Though, we didn't find the playpen we were looking for.  I guess we will just have to go again another day.


  1. Tremendous loot! I am itching to get thrifting again. I made a deal with myself, nothing in until MUCH goes out!