Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Water play

Ginger has an obsession with the dogs water bowl at present.  We spend lots of the day relocating it from place to place in the hope of leaving them with access to it but having it out of the hands of a inquisitive 10 month old.  Then, in struck me on Saturday (after reading this blog over the last few weeks I am full of inspiration) why not get out a bowl for Ginger to do some water play.

That large, inverted object is Mummy's childhood rubber turtle.
2 minutes later Mummy's laundry-powder-dissolving-bowl was commandered, Ginger was stripped down to the essentials and rubber toys were put in the bowl.  She loved it and it was amazing to see the concentration on her face.  She spent a good half hour putting the toys in and out (toys 'in' is a relatively new development) and getting thoroughly soaked.  So, the floor got wet - but it needed a mop anyway!

She had a ball.  Now, I am thinking up variations.  I think a bowl of water with her measuring cups would be another good activity.  Any other suggestions?  [Feel a disclaimer is needed here - Ginger is a very mouthy child so we can only give her large objects:) ]


  1. She is so cute. I think water is always a great pastime for anyone.

  2. You have a beautiful baby girl! What a great idea for your daughter, she looks like she is completely entertained and I think I would be too!

  3. I used to give my daughter a bucket of water...child's beach bucket... and a large paintbrush, and when I was working in the garden, I'd get her to 'paint the fence'....she loved it. She might've been a bit older than your babe, but not much. Some food colouring in the water is fun too, maybe for outside though

  4. So much fun. My kids used to like "pouring" so I would imagine some cup-size measures would be fun. Thanks for your note on my blog. I'm off to read more of yours!