Thursday, February 3, 2011

On a hobby horse

I went down to Big W (a Walmart equivalent) to pick up photos yesterday and was given the Autumn baby and toddler catalogue on my way out.  When I got home I dug out Ginger's size 1 chest of clothes.  Size 1 being the size I presume she will hit for most of our winter - I may yet be proved wrong, as I have been for summer:) 

I put all the clothes we have collected in that size on our bed, sorted according to type. Some are clothes we have been given, some we have thrifted and some I just bought when they were marked down at the end of last season.  I identified the gaps and started to go through the catalogue to see if there was anything in it that would help fill them.  For instance, she has 8 summer dresses in size 1 (the things that happen if you don't check your box regularly enough), but only 1 winter dress. 

I found a few things in the young baby section which I think look good (in particular, the pointelle tees and floral corduroy dress on p. 24), but then I turned to the baby boys (p. 26-27)  and toddler pages (p. 28-31) and I was horrified.  The clothing there, both for boys and girls, is simply not age appropriate.  Since when have short skirts and hip hugging jumpers been decreed acceptable for an infant or toddler.  Since when, have baby boys needed an ACDC t-shirt.  To my mind, it is just wrong.  A child is a child and should be dressed like one.

So, that is the explanation behind the new button that has appeared on my sidebar.

I will step off my soap-box now:)


  1. I agree with your post whatever happened to the little boy or girl clothes not the commercial, and too mature clothing we see today.
    I think children grow up way to fast as it is and to start when they are very small is crazy. B

  2. I couldn't agree more. I am consistently sickened by the clothes I see, particularly those aimed at pre-teen girls, when I go into a department store. Let's let children be children! These days everyone seems in a desperate rush for their children to grow up. I don't understand it.

  3. It is horrifying when I go looking for clothes for my kiddos...The "baby prostitute" look is not right. Children should be children. Even if they took the same clothes and made them in adult sizes, they would be inappropriate for adults for the most part.

  4. I agree. I do not get "Bling" or as I normally say "Dress your baby girl like a stripper" They are only young and innocent for a small time. Lets not rush it.