Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Weekend

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Ginger and I were DH-less as he has yet another exercise.

Saturday was dark and rainy but, Sunday was oh so beautiful and sunny.  

Spring had arrived a couple of days early.

We ate blueberry and banana bread.

We revisited my childhood searching through a jar of my Nanna's buttons for the perfect one for a project.

We spent time outside in the sunshine and got our tights very dirty!

Because, we discovered falling down a hill is actually quite fun; and worth repeating.

Some work was done on a new quilt.
After a coffee and playdate a friend passed on some magazines.  I enjoyed spending Ginger's nap perusing them.

More time outside; I was sewing ends in, while Ginger honed her bower bird instinct.

A simple fresh pasta meal to end the day, prepared with considerable help from my little offsider.
And, honestly the best news to cap it all off.  The festival that I was really upset about missing because DH was away and Brisbane is too far to drive there and back with Ginger by myself in one day was postponed because of Saturday's weather.  I was, oh, so happy.  I feel God's hand in it because I was devastated when DH was unexpectedly asked to go field over this weekend - the festival had been on our calender for 12 months.  

God really does care for us in all things great and small, doesn't he?  As the children's song goes "take it to the Lord in prayer"; his response is always perfect, just not always expected.


  1. Oh that last photo of your kitchen helper is just precious! I love her little apron too!

    And your concluding paragraph is spot on. Sometimes it is hard to remember that it is not I who is in charge no matter how much I might like to think so. Sometimes just rolling with the events as they come results in getting exactly what was meant to happen. I am so happy for you that things worked out enabling you to go to the festival! Hooray!

  2. That's a very sweet dress Ginger is wearing, and your lamplit scene with magazines looks very inviting and relaxing. My own house is currently in chaotic piles thanks to painting, so I enjoyed the by-proxy domestic bliss from your home :-P.

  3. She is awfully cute! I like her jumper, too (I mean the brown dress). I'm also working on a machine quilt, and am enjoying it.
    (thanks for the ingredients from the earlier post!)