Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vegan Eating: 10 days in

These are just some of the meals we have enjoyed over the last ten days of Heather's Vegan Challenge.

Some observations:
  • I am really missing tea. I drink my tea white so in the absence of milk I have no desire to drink it.  On the plus side I have discovered fresh mint tea.  I have always drunk peppermint tea - the dried teabag variety - but a fresh pot is an altogether different offering.
  • Sweet potato cooked in coconut oil is our new go to for baked vegetables.
  • Organisation is key.  I really have to plan my menu a couple of days out and remember to allow time to soak and then cook my legumes.  I have been using my slow cooker for the cooking part.
  • Healthy sweet treats can be really, really good.
  • Heather's curried chickpeas are hidden gold for a quick healthy snack.  Ginger loves them too.
  • Breakfast is probably my biggest challenge to leave out dairy.  I have a confession - I am having proper old-fashioned porridge:)  I went a week without but I just really couldn't take almond milk.
  • Neither my husband nor myself have been hungry while eating this way.  Admittedly, he hasn't exactly stuck to the rules as closely as I; but I think this is a real positive.  While we don't have plans to eat vegan long term - I think the whole food aspect of this exercise has been very valuable.


  1. Well done for even trying, your excelling!! I just couldn't do it, i'm not a good cook & let meat win the day. Love Posie

  2. Those pictures made me hungry again, and I just finished breakfast! We try to eat vegetarian a couple of meals a week to keep our meat consumption (and grocery bill) lower. However, we've never tried eating vegetarian or vegan for any extended length of time. I'm curious to after seeing your pictures.

  3. I think being mostly vegan is perfect. You get the added nutriments and tasty pleasures of animal foods as occasional treats rather than everyday which makes them all the more special if you ask me (which you didn't!). Plus, I can afford to buy the quality of animal products I want (grass-fed, organic, local, etc) which I would never be able to do if I ate animals all day long like I used to.

    Good for you for expanding your culinary options! You photos made me hungry too!

  4. What is that, with the cannellini and the noodles? That is really piqueing my interest!

  5. You are really amazing! I like reading about your discoveries. I had some delicious porridge for breakfast, too.

  6. I thought I'd commented, but blogger is a funny thing - but maybe I didn't.

    What is that dish with the cannellini beans and noodles? It looks quite good!

  7. Good on you for taking the challenge. All of those dishes look delicious.

  8. Hi Lisa - its spaghetti with cannellini beans, parsley, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. It was as good as it looked! Very fresh. It is one of Heather's recipes - her 30 day vegan website is subscription only, otherwise I would share it with you.