Thursday, August 4, 2011

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter in this weekly link-up.


My Mum has had this plate for years sitting in her china cabinet.  I'm pretty sure it was a gift from her Dad and step-Mum.  I have always admired it and recently she passed it on to me.  I have finally found somewhere to hang it.   Wall space is at a premium in our house - we have too many wall hangings:)  Defence policy states you can install a "reasonable number of picture hooks".  I wonder if anyone has actually taken stock of how many hooks we put up!

I would tell you who the painting is by, but the back of the plate is all in German - and my German is not that good:)

Just had to show off my cute little alarm clock find - $1 at a recent jumble sale.


I have been working on my photography skills using this tutorial.  Ginger and I had a bit of a photo session in the front yard on Tuesday.  I got some reasonable shots.  That made me happy.

She looks pensive, but actually she is just eating rockmelon.

Ah, squeezing our food - our new favourite thing to do at mealtimes.


Ginger likes to go through my wallet and take all the cards out of it.  Given that she can now put them back in again it can keep her occupied for quite some time.    I don't really mind as it is pretty harmless fun for her and it is easy to clean up.
But, last Friday as I was packing them back up I noticed my medicare card (in Australia all citizens are entitled to public health care - to access it you have to carry your medicare card) was missing.  Ginger had been playing with my purse right next to the sideboard - oh, no it had gone underneath.  So, everything had to come out, and then since I still couldn't lift the cabinet empty I had to call DH and ask him to pop home (there are some advantages to living 5 minutes walk from the office) and lift it up.

Ginger thought all those breakables and cabinets to explore were great fun.


Given his proximity, DH often pops home for lunch.  We usually have leftovers.  However, yesterday's lunch took leftovers to a new level - there are 5 separate leftover dishes on that table!  

Service with style it was not:)


  1. I love the older Pyrex dishes! My sister scours garage sales for them.

  2. I love those pyrex dishes too. I wonder if Replacements Ltd sells them...hmmm...and Ginger is such a sweetie! ~Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge

  3. The plate is beautiful! It looks right at home on your wall. Great pictures of you daughter- she is absolutely adorable!

  4. Your lunch is great. We have a random week like that too!

  5. How nice that your husband gets to come home for lunch! My Dad loves leftover meals...the more dishes the better! :)

  6. Hey - food is food.
    That plate is beautiful! Nice photos of your little one - photographing things for my blog is a very interesting experience for me. Good luck!

  7. Lovely plate and lovely, sweet baby!

    The Leftover Smorgasbord is very, very familiar!

  8. beautiful! I love the last photo, left overs is seriously my favourite meal

  9. Oh, little Ginger! She's so precious.

  10. Ha my husband hates leftovers and I have to get a little tricky to make sure it all gets eaten up!