Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Weekend and my response to Posie's post

Posie Patchwork wrote a very insightful post yesterday on whether a blog has to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  

As the character Cowboy says in the musical Newsies (incidentally, one of my favourite movies) "I'm not lying, I'm just improving the truth a little".

Is there scope on our blogs for a little editing?  

I personally think, yes.  I would liken it to putting on a happy face when you go out, even if you are feeling in a bit of a funk or straightening up the house because you have visitors coming over.  I am not about to post pictures on my blog which show our house in a mess - even if it has, in actuality had toys strewn about it all day; there are also parts of our lives (names and photos etc) which I feel perfectly entitled to keep private.  

This blog is a reasonable representation on what goes on here day to day - but it is never going to tell the whole story.  Quite frankly, I don't think you, dear readers, would be all that interested if I were to gripe on here every time a small annoyance crosses my path! 

I would like this place to be a positive spot to be in.  So, I will show our weekend with all its sunny spots even if I did spend a good portion of it in a bad temper, with DH shut up studying trying to catch up two weeks of missed coursework from his time out field.  It saddens me to admit I was not as graceful as I would have liked to be, or for that matter set out to be, about the lack of family time this weekend.  Army careers and family time are generally two incompatible objectives; I should be used to this by now - just ask Posie!  (As a side note there is an excellent post here on the beattitudes and happiness).  

I think we need to focus on the good in our lives, showing gratitude for all the blessings poured down on us. Even from a purely secular perspective - gratitude has been shown to improve health. Gratitude is what I hope comes across here most days. But, God did not promise that all would be perfect in our lives.  We live in a fallen world and some days we fall short - we snap at a loved one when we should have shown patience and love; we fail to do for others what we would like to have done for us or we are unable to see hidden blessings.  This, at least, is my reality and sometimes, I think, there is scope for sharing it; on our own terms, on our blogs.  But, what and how much we share is entirely at our own discretion.  We will write our own story.  

Hmm, well that was only supposed to be a short paragraph!

 So what did happen this weekend:
  • Friands were made and eaten (I'll post the recipe tomorrow)
  • Lunch was taken alfresco to a local park - food always tastes better outdoors and we watched the ducks
  • Ginger and I walked, and walked, and walked so DH could get his lectures listened to 
  • We BBQd for dinner
  • We picked leeks and had our favourite egg and leek dish
  • Rough and tumble was had with Daddy
  • Pakoras were cooked that actually looked like they should!
  • Ginger's cardigan was completed
  • Church was made on time!


  1. Yay, well said, there are warts & all blogs, maybe they are seeking confirmation that it's "ok" & then there are nice pretty blogs with happy family things, why not, i know what i would rather read & images i'd rather view. I don't get why, if you blog 90% sunshine, why people - with completely different lives to yours - leave negative comments or say you're trying to make people feel bad by not doing as much. You can't compare any lives, we're all different. Love you post, well said!! There is one good thing about my husband's role in the Army - he can't do anything at home, take a phone call or log onto the computer, i love that!! When he's home, he's HOME, devoted & uninterupted, but that is only for a few weeks a year at the moment, sigh, love Posie
    PS thanks again for your support, yay!!

  2. Great post.
    I like that there are so many blog out there, each with a different subtle kind of tune. For me, I like reminding myself of the small wonderful bits of life, that without a blog would probably be forgotten or not even noticed.

  3. Thanks for the link to posie's post. I have had this conversation many times with a friend. That is why I blog - the good bits! To look back one day and see things I may have missed and perhaps inspire another as I have been inspired. I am a better person and better mother because of blogging mummy's. I cannot believe people out there are posting negative comments:(