Thursday, July 28, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

In the usual Thursday manner I am joining Like Mother, Like Daughter in finding contentment in everyday life.


Little girls vintage dresses. 
I found these at my favourite op-shop last week when I took my Mum for a looksee. 

I didn't know if I should actually put these under "Funny" because just last week I commented on Ivy Nest that I had never found any vintage children's clothes in my travels:) 

There were actually four vintage dresses on the $2 rack.  Yes, the $2 rack!  But, try as I might I could not 'like' the remaining one.  It was very short and very wide.  It just looked wrong.  But, it was gingham and I do so love gingham.  Ah well, perhaps someone else will have a little girl it will look a picture on.

This is definitely my favourite.  The label says size 1 but I have held it up to Ginger who wears size 1 clothing, and this is much bigger.


I finally finished my lap quilt.  It has been in the WIP pile for over a year. 

I have had a great deal of satisfaction in seeing the project actually completed.
There was no-one to hold it while I took a photo so I had to resort to pegging it on the line.
The pieces don't exactly line-up and there were mistakes in the pattern which caused me untold annoyance, but it is done.

I learn something new each time I make a quilt.  This time chain piecing.

I have had the chance to snuggle under it for a few chilly nights now, and that is really all that matters.

Again, this could have gone in the funny category.  That backing is two single sheets I bought from the thrift shop - a much cheaper way to back quilts - but it was labelled as a double sheet.  I undid the package and spread it on the floor to see whether it was wide enough for the backing and, lo, it was two single sheets sewn together!


Up on my header you may have seen the Steiner doll I made for Ginger for her birthday.  She has become very attached to it of late and now sleeps with it.

But, since her Daddy has been out field the last few weeks her attachment has grown out of all proportion - the doll has joined us at dinner, in the garden and at the shops.

While she is very contented with the arrangement, I have been terrified that 'Big Bertha" is going to get filthy and I won't be able to wash her.  The incident in the garden on Monday where Ginger shovelled dirt on her didn't really help, nor did the incident Tuesday where she shoved dolly's head in a glass.

I decided it was time for action so I started a new dolly for her while she had a nap.  I got the head size a little wrong.

My Mum suggested she take Ginger for a walk for an hour so I could at least get the head done while I had the original doll for comparison.  I also took the opportunity to reopen her original doll and restuff it while she was out.  She hasn't blinked an eyelid at "Big Bertha's" increased girth so I think my chances of the new doll being accepted are reasonable.

I got the head the right size this time but I could not get the face right.  It looks rather like Bertha (2) has just had her wisdom teeth out and has a very swollen right jaw. 

I doubt Ginger will notice.

I will swap the dolls over while Ginger sleeps tonight.  Then I just have to surreptitiously wash, dry and replace Bertha (1).

Our church has no creche so usually DH and I take turns taking Ginger outside during the service.  It is very rare that we actually hear a sermon.

But last Sunday, our lovely story-telling leader was on sunday school assistant duty and said she would take Ginger out for a while.

Ginger apparently enjoyed herself because she stayed out until communion.  Quite an achievement for a little one who cries every time I leave the house without her.

She came back complete with art work and rather dirty stockings.


  1. The dresses are so cute, love the quilt & giggles at the head size of Bertha 'revisited'. It is funny about what our little ones go through with Daddy away. I found tucking one of my husband's Tshirts under their pillows helped, i am VERY lucky they never grew attached to a particular toy or doll, one of my mother's life lessons of "don't build a rod for your own back" being a wise Navy wife & all. Our 2 years apart which is now 3 years apart thanks to a 2nd deployment, is now looking like 4 years apart, yikes!! I really don't want him coming home to try to build us a house & farm the year we have our eldest in year 10, twins in year 7 & a son in year 5, that's ridiculous!! Love Posie

  2. that quilt is beautiful!
    and i think using sheets for the backing is a great idea. by the time you are done w/all that sewing on the front it's probably nice to finish up with some big pieces!

    and those vintage dresses are so darling!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful! Perfect for a good snuggle.
    And those dresses are lovely. What a great find :)

  4. Love those vintage dresses! What a cool find! The lap quilt is beautiful, hooray for you for finishing it! I had to laugh at your adventures with cleaning Bertha up and sewing a replacement! Too funny! You have already learned to #1 rule of parenting, which is always buy more than one of a beloved toy/blankie etc.!

  5. I love the quilt, that is one thing I have not had time for lately, I have one that needs finishing for my niece.

  6. Wonderful!

    The dresses are adorable and the quilt looks great. Whew! Isn't it fabulous to check off one of those long standing WIP?

  7. Good going on the quilt, and the doll! They're both so well done - as for the quilt, how nice for you to keep warm under that thing you made. I like it.

    The dresses are charming, too!

  8. The quilt and doll are great! And the vintage dresses look like what my girls wore when they were little. Gosh, I miss those days sometimes!

  9. That quilt is gorgeous. It actually inspired me to finally pull out the machine and do some sewing this week for the first time in half a year. Smart thinking with Bertha 1 and Bertha 2!