Friday, July 8, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter for this weekly celebration of the ordinary.


DH went to the produce markets before church on Sunday.  He came back with pink Gerbras.  So pretty.


Ginger has discovered gardening.  No plant's roots are sacred.  Here she is digging up the coriander.  Why happy?  Because, this is something she can 'help' her Daddy with - valuable father-daughter bonding time.  She is keen and raring to bet let loose on the main vegetable patch.


You can buy toys, but ultimately it's the pegs that hold most appeal!


I had just spent last week commenting to DH that with posting orders coming out soon, it was once again time to clean out the pantry.  Then, on Friday our neighbours who were moving back to the UK, called round to drop off all their condiments, baking goods and spices.  So, we now have two families worth of goods to use up!  I foresee much shortbread in our future, as one of the full packets was rice flour - and I know no other use for it.


  1. Shortbread sounds delicious right now! You are so right about your daughter wanting to help her father, and wise to let her! She is a cutie!

  2. Yum! Shortbread is my favorite! Ginger is a future gardener for sure. She's also a future laundress!

  3. Oh yes, love it when the 'hood is leaving & they bring over all their unwanted pantry goodies, it's like Christmas. We usually donate the last-minute-mop & cleaning supplies to the neighbours too.
    Ginger is such a sweet heart, love her name so much, adorable.
    Good luck with your posting, my husband's has already changed 12 months before he was meant to take it, now 18 months away before he can move back to Canberra with us, yay for promotions, but it affects your posting, i forget that!! My husband is lucky, he always knows a posting ahead where he's going, only this time it's the destination, not the job!! Love Posie

  4. What lovely glimpses of day-to-day life! As a child I shunned most toys in favour of sorting buttons.