Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Unplugged Sunday

DH and I have noticed a phenomenon about ourselves - ultimately much of our time is spent in the pursuit of good food.  When we reminisce about our overseas adventures much of our focus is on meals eaten - that spicy goulash in Dresden, curries at the Civil Service Club in Singapore (incidentally my in-laws are moving back to Singapore so I forsee many Civil Service Club curries for us in the next couple of years), felafel in Egypt, and that really good hot chocolate in Munich (should you ever go - it was at a bakery next to the entrance to Nymphenburg Palace). 
When we look back on our previous postings and talk about where we would go back to, again the issue of where we would eat comes up.  Malaysian at Mamak in Sydney, lamb shanks at the Athenian restaurant (also Sydney), noodle soup at Noodle Kingdom and pasta at Pelligrini's in Melbourne.  We have hardly eaten out at all this posting because dining out with a toddler is just not worth the money or effort.

It is probably not surprising then that when we have time to cook on the weekend we go to town.  Unplugged sunday is allowing us this luxury.  Essentially slow food, lovingly prepared together.

This weekend we did The Hairy Bikers South American Chilli Con Carne (recipe here) - my changes: black eyed beans instead of kidney beans, 2 red capsicums (peppers) instead of one red, one green and I cut the chilli down so that Ginger could eat it.  It was really good fresh, reheated the next day and, yesterday for lunch on rolls with avocado.

Some meals just do not photograph well!

While I made dinner DH got on with shortbread - his second batch for the week; fortunately he took the first batch to work to share and I took half of this batch next door to our Laotian neighbour to say thank you for some freshly made spring rolls she had dropped round.

Also in the works was an apple and rhubarb pie.  Again, DH's handiwork.

All in all, a hearty winter feast.  Warming to body and soul. 

Another successful unplugged Sunday.


  1. Wow! We're having leftover chili tomorrow, too! Shortbread is my favorite. Can I have a square? The pie is beautiful, too. I loved reading about your food on location.

  2. Just recently I heard someone say like "Food just isn't that big a priority for me. I just don't think about it. Its not that important in my life."

    And I thought WHAT?!?! Food is so central to my life. It is sharing with friends and family. It is culture. It is history. It is fun!

    I photograph a lot of our food. I am always disappointed by meals that don't photograph well. I always want it to look as wonderful as it tastes!