Friday, July 15, 2011

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I have been sewing this week.


A pink gingham dress I made for Ginger over the weekend.  I love gingham; it looks so fresh and summery.  It used to drive my grandmother nuts when I was little when I wanted all my dolls clothes made out of gingham; she taught so many children to sew on gingham when she was a teacher that she couldn't stand it;)  Now I am an adult I can indulge my love.


A pinafore for Ginger made in just one nap time.  I used the pattern from this blog.  And I am so happy to have used up some of my fabric stash - the pink is a leftover thrifted double sheet from a quilt back.  Only problem is that Ginger had taken exception to the pinny and since it is open at the back is just pulling it off - I am thinking I might add a strap that will button it closed. 


I have been urged by DH to reduce my fabric stash (I think it would actually pale in comparison to most sewers - but this is a small house).  I bought this fabric last christmas for napkins but never ended up making them.  Knowing it would be a quick job, this week I grabbed out the fabric and a couple of Ginger's naps later they are finished.

I made two in each fabric, that way I can always add new patterns later if we host a big Christmas dinner.

Christmas in July anyone?


Are you like me and constantly losing your sewing scissors?  I have finally implemented my best friend's suggestion and tied them onto my knitting bag.  Hopefully this should reduce the number of times Ginger emerges from the loungeroom with scissors in her hand; this is a chronic problem after her nap as I never seem to put them far enough back on the table to avoid her reach.

I have also been looking at some of our fairy story and nursery rhyme collections following Aunt Leila's suggestion earlier in the week.  Ginger is a little young but we have had success the last two days reading The Three Bears while she has been eating her morning tea.  The nursery rhyme book dates from my Mum's early teaching days - she taught year one for 40 years and this has her maiden name in it.


  1. That little pink gingham dress is so, so sweet! Well done! I also like the idea of tying your scissors to your knitting bag! Although, in my house, I would need a chain and padlock.....!

  2. Sew pretty! Love the fabric choices.

  3. That looks like a lovely book! I love fairy tales and could so easily spend all our money on books instead of food! How old is Ginger? I have a 14 month old who was interested in looking at books but is now more interested in pulling them off the shelf and arranging them all over the floor!