Friday, July 1, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

I picked up this gorgeous ceramic jam jar at the Lifeline collectables thrift (opportunity) shop last week.  The strawberries make me smile.  The shop was having a sale and it was fill a bag for $20; this may sound expensive for an op-shop but they have quite a mark-up on items there.  Besides, it's amazing what fits in a plastic bag:) I had hoped to pick up the large pyrex bowl I have had my eye on for a while (it was marked at $15); but sometime between Saturday and my making it back for the sale at the end of the week it had sold.  I was still happy with my haul though - I shall just need to keep my eye out for another large bowl for my sour-dough starter.


Our next-door neighbours passed on our new bookcase this week - it was a very good buy at $75; it looks brand new.  It is solid wood and has already been filled.  I am so happy not to have piles of books on top of our other bookcases anymore.  Also, it is just brilliant to have my music books on the middle shelf - no more risk of Ginger tearing pages when she tries to get them out of the magazine files.  We can have piano time in the study again!


This is what a toddler's care for her sick dog looks like - balloons and wool wrappers always make an invalid feel better.  What this doesn't show is the wooden bricks that have also been dropped into the porta-cot, at some risk to Monty's bodily safety.


Also picked up at Lifeline Collectables was this pudding basin.  I love the term 'utility' - you just don't hear it anymore.  I like things that are utilitarian. 

Now I can make a properly shaped pudding - no more cooking it in an old mix-master basin!


  1. Love the ceramic jelly jar! That is a treasure, as is the pudding basin! 20 dollars a bag can be a real bargain, if you know what to stuff that bag with!!!

  2. Fun! How sweet that Ginger wants to comfort her dog. What is that weird feeling called when you go to the thrift store to see if someone has already purchased what you wanted and you feel somewhat relieved when it is gone? The other day, I was looking for three fair isle sweaters I had seen at the antique mall ages ago. I found them. I didn't buy them, even though I thought I might. Is this some sort of shopping disorder? Smile. You'll find that Pyrex bowl that you need. I just know it!

  3. Good finds all around. I can't stand it when books start piling up on top of the bookshelf or on top of books that are properly put away on bookshelves. It drives me a bit crazy! Consequently, I can appreciate how pleased you must be with the new set up.

  4. Great finds! I just love that jam jar. So sweet! xo m.

  5. Well done....that reminds me I need to do an op shop day. All the op shops in Lismore take me a whole day as do the Tweed Heads ones. It used to be my favorite thing to do before my business came into my life and took over. Nothing is better than a bargain at the op shop...

  6. Thanks for reminding me of my past life as an op shop used to be my favorite thing to do....a day out in school holidays on my children just me and 10 op shops. That was before my business came into my favourite purchase is my vintage citrus juicer.....

  7. Nothing says "I love my dog" like dropping blocks on it. Poor pup! Sorry for the (very) delayed response to your comment - we've been minimizing internet in these first few post-deployment weeks. Pardon if this sounds naive, I just have no clue how common Mexican food is outside of North America (I know I didn't see a single Mexican place while living in Europe) - have you tried making guacamole? It's our go-to dish when we have avocadoes to use up, either as seasoning in tortillas, on meat, or as a dip with corn chips. Cooking sites like have dozens of variations on the recipe. Of course, for all I know it might be completely standard where you live, and asking "have you made guacamole with your avocadoes" is like asking "have you considered frying eggs instead of eating them raw?"