Thursday, July 21, 2011

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I had some luck thrifting yesterday.  The Salvos had their plates on special for 50c each.  I picked up the top plate for a fruit plate for Ginger and I to use for morning tea, and six of the rose plates.  The rose plates are to go in our caravan.  Um, that would be the caravan we don't actually own yet.  Because we are planning to buy an old, though not sufficiently old to be retro, actually the sort of late 70s / early 80s bad taste old caravan; DH gave me carte blanche to embrace my inner kitsch.  So fun!


A lovely old picture book picked up for a matter of cents....I think this would meet Auntie Leila's criteria for a suitable reading book - wide spaced text and simple pictures!  I know we have a while yet before Ginger starts to read, but when collecting secondhand one can never start too early:) 

A refrigerator pyrex dish I have been searching for for ages.  I saw one a couple of years ago on Beauty that Moves and have been on the hunt ever since.  This is the first time I had seen one for a reasonable price - $2 at St Vinnies.


Now, the reason for my thrifting adventure!  With mum staying because DH is on exercise, she offered to look after Ginger for me while I went for an overlocker (serger) lesson and checked out some of the charity shops. 

I bought my overlocker off ebay 2 years ago, it was my birthday present.  We arrived here and I tried using it, concluded it wasn't working properly and put it in for repair at our local sewing shop.  I got it home again, failed once again to make it operate and decided I needed lessons.  Cue, yesterday's trip to town to the local sewing shop.  In preparation for the lesson, I made a start on the bloomers (above) for ginger so that I could get advice on how to overlock the seams. Only, when my instructor tried using my machine she had the same problem as I did with the needle hitting the shaft - something I had just concluded was the result of my own incompetence.  Consequently, my machine is back in for repair, my lesson is postponed and I got more time for thrifting.

I thought this was a tiffen.  My Mum thinks it is a pudding steamer.  What, dear reader, do you think it is?


 Ginger's full cream milk was going out of date so I wanted to use it up.  Consquently, Ginger and I made cheese muffins this morning.  She loves to help - even if it means eating the raw mixture.

These are so simple.  1 cup self-raising flour, 1 cup grated cheese and 1 cup milk.  Add anything else you want - I added paprika and chives.  Mix and pop in muffin tins.  Bake in a moderate oven for about 25 minutes.


  1. I have never seen a metal thing like that, but I think it's aluminum, which means it's "reactive" with some foods. Sometimes recipes say to put it in a "non-reactive" pot. Well, it's all very unclear to me. HOpe somebody else knows more than I do.

    But yes! that is a sweet little lidded dish - I would call it a casserole because it looks like the kind you can bake in too. Often refrigerator dishes are square or rectangular and EXPENSIVE. I've been trying to gradually weed out the plastic in my kitchen, and any lidded glass container helps.

  2. Love thrifting and your pictures are gorgeous. ~Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge

  3. I'm afraid I have no idea what your pot might be - but I like your pictures.
    I don't have a serger, but I ordered a new sewing machine yesterday, and I'm mightily excited! Love the bloomers!
    Congratulations on your thrifted items.

  4. I love pyrex, especially old pyrex! I'm a recovering dish-aholic. Love dishes, plates, of all kinds as long as they're pretty--kudos to you for finding some pretty ones!

  5. I love old pyrex stuff! And those bloomers are adorable.

  6. What finds... I *love* the book! Definitely a keeper.

  7. Wow! You hit the jackpot! I love your finds! Ginger is such a cute little helper.

  8. pudding steamer. That little beauty has golden syrup pudding written all over it...I've got a similar one.
    Love the beautiful kids books you have got recently.

  9. Good finds! The book is awesome! I want to read it :)

    Don't know what the pot is, but pudding steamer sounds right!

  10. Could the pot be a fryer? My mother has an orange one. The predecessor of the electrical fryer. The clamps on the lid are for when you move the fryer afterwards so that no dust can get into the fat that is used multiple times. Just an idea.

  11. Fingers crossed your machine can be fixed and you will be overlocking in no time.
    I think the pot is a steamer. Mum uses one like it for christmas puddings.