Monday, July 11, 2011

Here we come....

Well while technical issues mean the posting order site is still down DH was able to find out where we are off to.

Lets see.....

...a population of 120,000
....crocodile stories dominate its daily newspaper is officially in the "outback" has two seasons - wet and dry; both of which mean 'hot' is a long, long way from anywhere is in a territory, not a state
..we hear groceries and medical services are horrendously expensive
...fireworks are unregulated - the only part of Australia where they are
...there is a huge defence presence

Any clues yet?

Yes, Darwin here we come!

At least I know not to bother getting Ginger any winter clothes in the next size up:)

I think I need to hit up Posie Patchwork for advice.


  1. Interesting! Take photos and share!

  2. Always nice when the waiting is over and you finally know your next posting. I had to look up Darwin's location on google maps - quite a long way from anything, as you said, but all those nearby national parks and reserves look promising! Do you know when you move?

  3. If you need any tips give me a shout - we lived up there with little ones - wish that we were joining you instead of heading the opposite direction. (I might have to come up the mountain and meet you before you leave:)