Thursday, August 11, 2011

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Is it really Thursday again?  Where has the week gone?

Joining in with Like Mother, Like Daughter.


I love the way the late afternoon sun hits our table.


Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Merry, merry king of the bush is he.
Laugh kookaburra, laugh kookaburra
Gay* your life must be.

We had a visit from old man kookaburra on the weekend.  He was just outside our kitchen window.  He nests in the tree beyond our back fence but has never come this close before.

*In light of political correctness gone mad, this is now taught to school children as 'happy your life must be'.


We bought Ginger a trike in the Target toy sale last week.  She is firmly disinterested in the trike itself, having screamed the whole time we took her for a walk with it.  The box, on the other hand, is a hit.


This is what the buying of a ALDI shopper looks like.  

That is, one who is about to lose access to ALDI for at least 2 years.  There are no ALDIs in Darwin.

What can I say? At $1 each the children's toothbrushes were a great buy.

DH says we will have to have more children to use them up.  I contend that the way Ginger chews her toothbrush we will be through them in no time.

Ginger and I got there early Thursday morning when their special buys start.  The queue snaked right round the building.  I had a private chuckle to myself - only in Australia, NZ, America or the UK would shoppers form a queue rather than just gathering en masse around the door.

I commented to the woman behind me that I hadn't expected this sort of demand for toothbrushes.  Turns out there wasn't that sort of demand - Ginger and I were the only ones seeking out the toothbrushes; everyone else was there for the spring garden buys and bathroom accessories.


  1. My sister always tells me about the queues at Aldi for ski gear or whatever you need in Bowral, but i go after school drop off in the city (then back home, a good 20 minutes away) & never seem to notice a) it's Thursday when new things are released at my local Aldi or b) want what everyone else wants. Or i go to Spin class then Aldi for the regular groceries & the crowds (& stock) have all disappeared.
    You'll love Darwin, embrace that it's very different, you feel like you're on permanent holiday & just make sure if you do have more babies, you only use the private hospital. Darwin is amazing, make the most of it, it's quite an experience & is a million times better then when we first went up in 1998 when the 'host wives' came back to Sydney & excitedly told us "thrilling news that Kmart had just opened at Casuarina" & i thought, OMG, i've never shopped at Kmart in my life. Now the city has amazing shops & parks & we would take a 3rd posting to Darwin in a heart beat (only high school is the issue now). Love Posie

  2. Great photos! I love your toothbrush stash :)

  3. I have never been to Aldi but now I want to go - just for toothbrushes! I have never seen a Kookabura either. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Love the kookaburra! How cool to have one in your yard! The morning light on your table is truly lovely! I had to laugh over your daughter preferring the box to the trike! That sounds so familiar!

  5. A real kookaburra! You may not know this, but in America we learned that song in school, too! At least, I did (I'm 55). And I still remember it. - How must it sound with "happy", I wonder? Two syllables rather than one - hmmm.

  6. I love the idea of waiting for toothbrushes while everyone else is in line for bigger gear. But toothbrushes are expensive! (And they don't go bad.)
    Also, I've been singing the kookaburra song my whole life, but I don't know that I've ever seen a picture of one - thank you!

  7. The kookaburra is adorable! I'm an Aldi shopper too. I couldn't do without it!

  8. I like the kookaburra and the song!

  9. hehe - how many years are you planning on staying in Darwin:) She certainly will have clean teeth:) Hope that you are having a great weekend.

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