Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The week before the great Queensland flood of 2011 hit, it was my birthday.  Events intervened and I never ended up posting about it.   DH took the day off work and we went for a picnic (between rain showers).  He made a lovely rhubarb crumble cake from The Free Range Cook which we discovered, after having taken the time to allow it to cool, is actually nicest hot.  We used yummy homegrown rhubarb.

DH forgot to get wrapping paper so used the Weekend Australian instead!

From left: books from my parents and DH, a knitting stitch kit from my best friend, body wash and electric vaporisor from DH.  Custard tart is from DH too and the only actual surprise as I picked all his other presents for him.

Doesn't that rhubarb look like candy.

Mmm, cake.

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