Monday, January 3, 2011

One Small Change - January 2011

I have decided to join Hip Mountain Mama's One Small Change challenge.  The challenge is to make one small lifestyle change each month towards a more environmentally concious lifestyle.  Turns out living a greener lifestyle is also a more affordable one!

My change for January is to take shorter showers.  We have put our Queensland Government issued 4 minute egg timer in the shower and are sticking to that time limit.  We have also decided to hold each other accountable if a shower seems to be taking longer than it should! We have been guilty in the past of ignoring our friendly egg timer.

The trick seems to be to get in the shower and do everything you need to do (takes about 1:30) and then stand and enjoy your last couple of minutes. We have also found having breakfast before our shower cuts out shower time because we are no longer using it to wake ourselves up.

I'll progress in one month.

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