Sunday, January 2, 2011

Local Wildlife

Living in the country we get plenty of visits from local wildlife - spectacular coloured parrots and pink and grey galahs (my personal favourite) are often in our backyard.

But, our constant and noisy neighbours are the local green frogs.  We have several living between the bricks in our house.  One has taken up residence in our bedroom wall and croaks all night long.  Poor thing must be looking for a mate. Nonetheless, I think if I wasn't so tired from Ginger's nightwaking that I could sleep through anything, I would be seriously starting to object by now! 

Anyway with the flooding rains here in Queensland over the last few weeks they have come out of their hideyholes.  DH attempted a relocation of our bedroom frog.  Unfortunately, judging by the racket last night, it seems he found his way home again.

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